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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I be assured I am not putting myself at risk to catching covid?
All towels and blankets are used for one client only then washed. I lateral flow test before visiting a client.
Couch, stool and bags are wiped with antibac after each client.
In line with government guidelines I wear a mask.

Will you diagnose any issues?
No, definitely not. Reflexology and aromatherapy are complementary treatments I am unable to diagnose, any concerns I would recommend you visited you GP, or a suitable practitioner.

My feet are ticklish I'm unsure I could have a reflexology treatment?
This is common, don't worry a treatment uses firm pressure and not is a tickly manner. Many times clients have explained this is an issue and once a treatment has started they relax and don't think about their ticklish feet. By using aromatherapy the client can feel more able to relax.

How many treatments do I need?
Reflexology treatments depend on the client and their health (physical and emotional), more issues = more frequency treatment ie. once a week, an average would be every four weeks. It is beneficial to have 4-6 treatments initially to encourage the body to balance.

Will reflexology resolve my problems?
This is a loaded question! How long have the problems existed? Often the longer the problems had been there the longer the treatment recommended, however if after 4-6 treatments your problems have not change I would not keep treating you but look at alternative assistance, appropriate, ie. counselling, or GP. With lymphatic issues a reduction can often been seen just after the first treatment. Treatments would be assessed as a matter of course, with a consultation before each treatment. Reflexology will help balance the body mind and body, it is an excellent maintainer of good health, with regular treatment.

Is my information kept confidential?
Definitely yes. Client confidentiality is part of the agreement with treatment, it is also a requirement for insurance.

Can I buy gift vouchers?
Yes! a selection of voucher cards can be purchased for individual or a group of treatments. A treatment card is a lovely present as a thank-you, birthday gift or a thinking of you. Vouchers are valid for 3 months from purchase.

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